January 17, 2011 Magnetic Marketing MomentTM and Liquid Lunch – Composing Your Marketing Mantra

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On average, most business people are bombarded with 140,000 messages a month.  What makes yours stand out from the other 139,999? You’ve got 30-seconds to reach your prospect, clearly explain what you do and why they should care.  If not, you’re missing out on funding, alliances and business. So join me for “Composing Your Marketing Mantra” and learn how to close more sales by getting to the heart of your company’s story.

Guests - Stay tuned…as Hugh and I also chat with these impressive guests:

  • Sophia Zoe, Energy Therapist at SophiaZoe.com
  • ‘The Incredible Boris’, Boris Cherniak, Actor, Entertainer, Comedienne, Hypnotist and Former Partner in Comedywood Comedy Clubs
  • Krista Hannesen, Miss Teen York Region World

Discover –

  • How energy therapy and aura readings can help you unblock physical and emotional issues, break bad habits & attain new goals
  • How the process of hypnosis works & what really happens to participants on stage
  • The remarkable accomplishments of a 15-yr. old girl and how she’s using them to raise awareness of Free the Children and Shania’s Sunflower of Hope & represent her country in the Ms. Canada Pageant

…Plus a whole lot more!

View the Video from January 17, 2011, Liquid Lunch:

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