The Magnetic Marketing Memoirs – Changing Things Up

    If you’ve been following my FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER and PINTEREST posts, you know that  between attending TIFF PARTIES (that’s me with BREAKFAST TELEVISION’S co-host DINI PUGLIESE inside THE HELLO! CANADA PARTY); interviewing home-grown & international talent on the RED CARPET at TIFF (such as MEG TILLY, star of the hit series BOMB GIRLS); meeting PETER KENT [...]

Environmental Marketing – How Green It Is!

Increased focus on environmental issues has created demand for environmentally friendly products and services (EFS) and new terminology such as “carbon footprint” and “offsetting”. Learn how many small businesses are applying these trends in their marketing mix and how much they’re making, as I present – Environmental Marketing – How Green It Is!

What Is Happening with the Money You’re Making?

Many of my clients ask me what they should be charging for their time, product and service. And when I tell them, I figured they would follow my advice, begin to make more money and live happier, more prosperous lives.

You can imagine how startled I was to learn that just because a Woman Entrepreneur makes [...]