The Magnetic Marketing Memoirs – Changing Things Up

    If you’ve been following my FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER and PINTEREST posts, you know that  between attending TIFF PARTIES (that’s me with BREAKFAST TELEVISION’S co-host DINI PUGLIESE inside THE HELLO! CANADA PARTY); interviewing home-grown & international talent on the RED CARPET at TIFF (such as MEG TILLY, star of the hit series BOMB GIRLS); meeting PETER KENT [...]

How To Make Your Business Stick-Out

I’m often asked what I do to “WOW” my clients and how they can do the same. Many of those who’ve attended “The Magnetic Marketing FEMTORS Circle” as well worked with me 1:1 have heard me mention Ken Blanchard’s book, Raving Fans. It emphasizes the significance of taking the client experience to a level where [...]

How To Avoid Dangling Carrot Syndrome

While many of my clients, especially those who have been in business for years, actually come to me knowing how to attract clients, it seems times have changed. What once worked is not – causing them to read ample business and marketing books, purchase CD’s, DVD’s, e-books and various other products; attend expensive 4-day marketing [...]